Intercultural Training in Healthcare

Increasingly, common people with different cultural backgrounds encounter each other in medical practices and hospitals in Germany. Multinational teams, the growing share of migrants and refugees among the patients and medical tourism provide the German healthcare system with new challenges.

Culture-related differences in values ​​can not only hinder communication between doctors and patients, but also the work processes within a team and thus affect a successful medical treatment.
For culturally and religiously differing perspectives on health and illness influence thinking, behavior and the healing processes.

Our trainings are aimed to improve the communication between doctors/nurses and patients from other cultures and to improve cooperation in multicultural medical teams. They provide a good basic knowledge to "Inter- and Cross-cultural competence in healthcare".

• Improving communication between doctors / nurses and patients from other cultures
• Optimizing collaboration in multicultural medical teams
• More effective and faster diagnosis and increased satisfaction of patients with a migration background

Target groups:
• Doctors, medical specialists and nursing staff in hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices, psychotherapeutic practices, nursing homes and emergency services

• Intercultural awareness: recognize and appreciate cultural differences
• Intercultural Communication: active listening - avoid misunderstandings
• Intercultural Conflict Management: developing strategies

• Practical related theoretical basics
• Analysis of case studies on intercultural conflict situations in hospitals and nursing environment with high practical relevance
• Critical events - Culture Assimulator, approaches to solving problems
• Interactive simulation exercises, awareness of cultural and religious differences


1-tägiges Kompaktseminar bei Ihnen in der Praxis oder in unseren Schulungsräumen

bis zu 12 Teilnehmende: 800 €

bis zu 20 Teilnehmende: 1200 €