Language Training

Day after day international physicians, medical assistants and nurses provide for German and foreign patients in German hospitals, nursing homes and doctors' offices. To meet this demanding task, excellent language skills are absolutely essential.

Professional competence can only be implemented through the secure command of language, and that interface ensures:

Quality assurance of working processes
Building patient confidence and better compliance
Targeted interaction with the other employees
Prevention of medical errors
Long-term bond of the staff to the facility

Our action-oriented language training is based on the approved and nationally recognized Curriculum German Medical Care of telc GmbH by the respective Land Chambers of Physicians / Medical Associations as well as on materials created through teaching practice over years.

The trainings are carried out by certified lecturers who are also entitled to conduct official language exams.Thereby we can consider the requirements of the respective Land Chambers of Physicians for the technical language skills in work-specific contexts as well as the language abilities that are necessary for the successful mastering of any knowledge or aptitude test.

Whether in the classroom, in-house or through web-based learning - let us explore your full potential.


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Erfolgreiche Kommunikation in allen Bereichen des Arbeitsalltags

Interaktiver, handlungsorientierter und kommunikativer Präsenz- unterricht für qualitätsgesicherte Patientenversorgung

Effektiver interkollegialer Austausch und eine langfristige Anbindung an die Einrichtung

Prüfungsvorbereitungskurse und Durchführung durch zertifizierte Prüfer

Optimale Vorbereitung auf die Fachsprachenprüfung der Ärztekammern im Zuge der Anerkennungsverfahren