Web-based Training

The daily clinical routine is often very challenging for health care professionals. On-call duties, emergencies and other unforeseen assignments can sometimes make it a further challenge to regularly participate in the language course.

For this reason we provide components of our training in a learning management system online. Here, participants can learn self controlled, since all contents of the courses, such as reading texts, listening exercises and movies as well as additional assignments are stored in a central digital compilation and will be released for the learner, depending on the progress.

Once a solid foundation for the participants has been created through classroom-teaching, it is additionally possible to carry out intensive speech online-trainings in face-to-face quality with the aid of a specially developed virtual classroom technology. The training is based on the multimedia and interactive live tutoring method taught one-to-one or in small groups. The online orientated training method is much more targeted on individual needs as well as strengths and weaknesses than the traditional classroom teaching in larger groups in-house. The central element of teaching is the virtual whiteboard in the classroom. Here, educational multimedia materials can be shown and played and interactive tasks can be worked on. The compatibility with common office formats enables the integration of the hospital's own materials into class.

The live tutoring method motivates trainees to achieve a rapid, sustained learning progress. Regular feedback from the trainer and standardized language tests make these successes transparent and measurable.