Occupational oriented language training for international physicians

More than 39.000 foreign doctors are already practising medicine in Germany and a further increase of this number is certain. Despite their expertise these doctors often lack the necessary language skills, which hinders their work and sometimes even may result in severe consequences.

Since July 2014 uniform requirements apply for the language level for physicians in Germany according to a resolution of the Conference of Health Ministers. Working doctors must possess verifiable competency in the varoius fields of common speech, professional jargon and patient languge for the levels B2/C1 as defined by the Common European Framework.

We support foreign physicians to improve their language skills for their professional life in order to use their expertise effectivly and to contribute measurably to the quality standards of medical institutions.

Our language courses are based on the newly created Curriculum German Medicine by telc GmbH and prepare for the newly introduced medical language examination “Fachsprachenprüfung” held by the respective Land Chambers of Physicians / Medical Associations responsible for the recognition of medical licences and work permits.

Our courses serve as a well-structured support and extension of the existing language skills, focusing on the addressee and authentic situation-based communication.

We empower non-native speakers to communicate efficiently with patients and partners in all areas of medical everyday work and thus create the basis for the patient's well-being.

English for Medical Assistants

Given the increasing number of patients who can not suffciently communicate in German, English plays an important role as a "bridge language" in everday working life at medical offices. All the more this makes it important for the office personnel to own adequate English skills for reasonable communication with the patients.
Our courses help you to build up, consolidate and intensify essential knowledge in Medical English.
You learn how to verbally act more confidently in dealing with English-speaking patients. We support you to upgrade your English vocabulary of medical terms and train you to use it in practice during work.
With the aid of pracical exercises you learn to check patient records, make appointments and to explain medical actions.

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Sprachkompetenz für den Berufsalltag

Wir unterstützen ausländische und deutsche Ärztinnen und Ärzte, Pflegekräfte und Medizinische Fachangestellte darin, ihre Sprachkompetenz für den Berufsalltag so zu verbessern, dass sie ihr Fachwissen optimal zum Einsatz bringen und zur Sicherung des Qualitätsstandards Ihrer Einrichtung messbar beitragen können.